Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Part #8: Conclusion


From this trip I felt that Singapore has really changed a lot. Trying comparing photos from the past to now, you will be shocked to see how Singapore had changed after gaining its independence. Singapore River is really a nice place for family,friends to hang out as it is a beautiful place,there is nice food there too! The government has really put in effort to keep the bridges that are build quite a long time ago there keeping it in good shape so the people now still can enjoy it. The museum is really nice as I get to see a lot of different artifacts about different countries, it is very cool and it lets me gain more knowledge.

My experience at the Singapore River was very enriching. I learnt more about how the river was used as a trading port and how it has evolved since then. Though it is now more of a tourist attraction to Singapore, its significance will not be forgotten. I felt that the river is still a big part of Singapore, and it will remain as it is till the future.

The Singapore river has progressed quickly over the few years. It is more beautiful and cleaner now compared to last time. The Singapore river attracts many tourists and is a great place to eat as there are a lot of eateries there. The asian civillisation museum was a splendid trip as i got to learn about the different cultures and the artefacts were amazing. I have learnt a lot today. It was a nice trip overall.

I feel that the trip to the Singapore River is one of the most exciting, worthwhile and fruitful field trip I have ever had. Not only did we learn more about our past, we also see how the Central Business District has evolved such that it is ‘same same but different’. We seldom have time like this to visit such places, and it was an eye-opener for all of us. Also, although we did identify a few good points about this attraction, we also saw a negative side of the Singapore River: even though it is a lot cleaner than it was in the past, we still see quite a lot of litter. Not only leaf litter, but man-made litter as well. I think this is a problem we have yet to solve, and as part of Singapore’s future, I would like to be part of this positive good change, so that Singapore would become an even better place to live in, and our reputation will be boosted as well. All in all, this trip to Singapore River was a great one, and I hope that we would have more of such trips soon!

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