Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Part #4: Along the way...

 What we saw

Along the way, we find that there are a lot of banks and offices around the area.

Also, there are statues that shows the activities that happened around the area in the past. For example, there were young boys jumping into the river, merchants interacting with each other, and coolies unloading goods.

What we infer from them

We infer that Singapore River has been a main part of business-making in Singapore, as in the past, merchants buy an sell their goods in this area, and now, this area, called the Central Business District, is also a main place for businesses, as there are many bank towers and business offices.

We predict that in the future, more technology will be introduced to the area to make businesses take place more efficiently, and that the River would be cleaner than it is now, even though it has made a large improvement from how it was like at first.


How it looks like:


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